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More Than Just a Medal

Stay motivated and reach your goals with MedalMad virtual fitness and running challenges.

Track your progress, unlock milestones, support others, access challenge groups, earn reward points and race friends.

Take on a virtual challenge with a friend or friends and connect in the MedalMad app. Receive challenge updates as you each progress along the route. You can see each other on your own private progress bar or the interactive challenge map.

Send words of motivation and emojis all through the MedalMad app. Stay connected via your virtual challenges, wherever you are in the world.

Find the incentive, the motivation and the support to reach your goals and earn amazing medals and rewards.

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virtual running app

Home of Virtual Runs and Challenges

MedalMad was created to help inspire and motivate people to be active. To help people benefit from being active through a range of virtual challenges and runs. We have created a virtual community that supports each other to achieve their personal fitness or running goals and ambitions. Find your motivation through one of our virtual challenges and runs. You can be a virtual runner, walker, swimmer, cyclist, roller or gym goer. There is a virtual challenge or run for everyone.

Taking part in MedalMad virtual runs or challenges is easy with a free virtual challenge app to track your challenges and runs. You can also use the MedalMad website to submit evidence for your runs and challenges.

Earn amazing medals to keep you motivated, earn reward points to save on your next virtual run or challenge, collect profile badges to remind you of your hard work and completed challenges.

You can run, row, cycle, swim, walk or roll your way to your amazing medal. You can even do a combination of all, or any. Submit your evidence in KMs, Miles or Steps.

Take on the challenge with a friend or friends and connect in the MedalMad app. Receive challenge updates as you each progress along the route. You can see each other on your own private progress bar or if you share your race numbers on the public interactive challenge map.

Send words of motivation and emojis all through the MedalMad app. Stay connected via your challenges, wherever you are in the world.

MedalMad App

The MedalMad App

You can submit via the website or download our app to upload your evidence and keep track of your challenges.

App users also get advanced notifications and additional deadline information. If you use the app you will also have access to My Stats, Race Results and Leaderboards.

In the app you can slect hyour activity. So you can take part if you are a virtual runner, walker, cyclist, swimmer or gym user.

In the app you will find all your challenges where you can upload your evdience evidence. You can track your activity using the inbuilt tracker, upload existing evidence or take a photo of evidence.

Enter your evidence, press submit and confirm the time you have entered and the distance remaining. That is it!!

You will then receive your medal in the post once you have completed your challenge..


MedalMad APP FAQs

How to Use the APP

1. Where can I get the app?

You can get the app from the App store and Play Store.

2. How do I log in?

Please create an account on the website then use the same log in details for the app. Please only use your email when logging into the app, not your username. Laos make sure your password only contains letters, number and [email protected]£

3. How do I submit evidence?

You can either use the upload feature from your phone library, or take a photo using the inbuilt camera or you can just press GO to use the inbuilt tracker. 

4. What is the Leaderboard?

The Leaderboard is for those that want to see where they finish in the challenge. This is optional, unless using the tracker. As this will add any time done in one go to the leaderboard.

5. What do I need to do?

Choose your method of sending us your evidence.

Upload, track or take a photo

If uploading or taking a photo enter the distance for the evidence you are submitting

If uploading or taking a photo you have the option to enter the time for the leaderboard. This only applies if you have doen the challenge in one go and you wish to be on the leaerboard.

If using the tracker the distance and time is all done for you.

The press submit.



Trouble Shooting

I cannot log in?

Please make sure you have a live account by logging into the website with same details.

Only log in using your email and follow the rules for passwords

My progress bar has reset?

The progress bar may reset if there has been a major update, you are using the app on a new device or you have deleted and reinstalled the app.

Progress bar data is store in your phone so these changes will overide your progress. Do not worry all evidence is safe, as it has been sent to our server, and we will not get another notifcation, even if the challenge was already completed.

Please just enter the distance only to get the challnge back to where it was.

Please do not use the website to submit evidence if using the app as the same as above applies.

I have logged in and my challenges are not showing?

It may be that the app was used in a weak 3G area or WIFI dropped. The app calls the data from the server when you open the app, if this is interrupted it may show a blank page. Please close the app, delete and reinstall when you have a good internet connection.

Why am I not on the leaderboard?

Entries onto the leaderboard are for challenges completed on one ride, walk or run. 

If uploading your evidence please enter time in HH:MM:SS any other format will not show on the leaderboard. (For example 00:37:36)

If uploading or taking a photo only add one image

The distance recorded seems to be inaccurate and jumps around when I open the app?

The app uses the GPS and data on your phone.  Please make sure you have turned on your location settings.  If using other apps (music, other tracker etc) please start them first then press play on the MM app and run. 

Why does App Tracker record before I move?

The app needs to get a GPS connection. If you are in a poor connection area it may jump to its last connection. To avoid or if this happens please do the following

1. Only start the tracker when you are outdoors

2. If there is a big jump, press back and select NO to saving data. Walk for a few meters, go back to challenge then start tracker again.

3. There may still be a small jump but this will even out over your run, ride or walk.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Sign up on our website and join a challenge

Create an account via the website and join a challenge or two. 

2. Download the app to send us your evidence

Download the APP to track and submit your evidence. You can also submit via your account on the website.

3. Wait to receive your medal

Make sure your challenge shows 100% and then you know the medal will be on its way.