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We are delighted to work with Schools across the UK to help get children active. Check out the Hit My Target offer below.

  1. HIT MY TARGET medals available in school colours - choose from school blue, burgundy, green.
  2. Medals will be supplied engraved with school name and the completed target (distances selected from given options).
  3. £5 per medal. Minimum order 15 medals/£75.
  4. FREE certificate with each medal.
  5. FREE downloadable progress sheet to track child/class progress.
  6. Exclusive discount for school pupils and their families to use at or on the MedalMad app for future challenges.
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Email [email protected] with schools name, address and person of contact.

You will be asked to select your school colour and choose from multiple distances to suit children’s age/ability.

This can be an individual target or a class target, it’s totally up to you. Challenges can be completed as you wish, all in one go or accumulated over your chosen period of time. Suggestions are by way of a regular school running club or as part of regular sports/PE lessons. Pupils should walk or run to complete their challenge.

Medals and certificates will be sent out in one go to be awarded to pupils by the school. Please note lead time for medals is currently approximately 6-8 weeks. 

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