Healthy Weight Challenge

Leading a healthy lifestyle should be the aim for everyone. Weight loss is not always the main goal but can be a part of a  healthy lifestyle. 

We are delighted to be adding to our range of challenges the new healthy weight challenge. These challenges are to reward you for choosing an active healthy lifestyle - whether that’s increasing your activity levels or eating healthily! Choose your target and earn your medal!

Find your challenge by clicking on Join a Challenge and opening the Healthy Weight Challenges Section

We have 7lbs, 14lbs, 21lbs, 28lbs, 50lbs and 100lbs targets available for you to choose from. You can back date your evidence.

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How It Works

1. Choose Your Weight Target

2. Download the App

3. Track Your Weight and Submit Evidence 

4. Reach Your Target

5. Recieve Your Medal



Submitting Evidence

Subnitting your evidence is easy. After you download the app log in and go to My Challenges. Open up your challenge. On your first weight loss upload please also add evidence of your starting weight. Then as you continue submit evidence that shows your weight loss in intervals that suit you. Or you can upload the before and after evidence in one go, at the end, once you have reached your goal. Once your challenge is 100% complete your medal will be on its way.

Types of Evidence

Photo of weight scales

Photos of weight programme results, such as Slimming World

We will also accept manual logs of weight loss if you have no other options.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]

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Be Active

Being active will help you reach your weight goals. So why not take on a running, walking, swimming or cycling challenge alongside your Healthy Weight Target Challenge.