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About MedalMad

Virtual Races and Challenges

MedalMad is all about the community. Supporting each other to find their motivation and to reach their running and fitness goals.

MedalMad offers a wide range of virtual races and challenges. Everyone can take part and everyone who completes a challenge receives an amazing medal and rewards.

At MedalMad we are creating the platform for people to be inspired and motivated to be active. Developing a virtual races and challenge app to make it easier for people take part in virtual races. 

We also now have MedalKids offering child appropriate challenges. MedalKids is the number one for kids virtual running. We have 1000's of young people taking on our kids virtual challenegs from across the world.

We are sport and physical development specialists  with extensive knowledge and experience of how to motivate people to be active.

Running From City
Group Of Runners

We try and offer a range of challenges for all abilities, and most of our challenges can be adapted to meet the challenger's needs. We are always looking to expand our range of challenges to include other activities, and are delighted when a member of our community puts forward a suggestion.

We take a concept for a challenge and create the perfect medal to represent the challenge, it's theme and the effort of the challenger to achieve the medal. This is the incentive but we want to be more than just a shop. We want to expand our platform so people can get the support they need from us and the community.




Helping People Stay Active

Meet the Team


Mike Squire

Mike is the CEO and Founder of Active Connections and Ministry of Running. Having benefited a lot from sport, his aim is to help other access the benefits. He is a social runner and enjoys hill running.

Business Manager

Zoe Sutherland

Zoe manages the ever growing logistics of MedalMad. Zoe supports the team by ensuring everything is inplace to make MedalMad run effectively as possible. A keen fitness enthusiast Zoe enjoys staying in shape.

Brand Manager

Emma Taylor

Emma is the newest member of our team. Her role is to support those using MedalMad and to ensure they get high levels of customer service. She also supports the creation of social media content and engages with our challengers through these platforms.

Director of Sport for Good

Nicki Squire

Nicki works part time for Active Connections and focuses on developing strategic partnerships with other organisations in the develop of sport for good projects. A keen runner and driver behind MedalMad Nicki supports the team in the developing the brand.

 MedalMad is part of Ministry of Running Ltd

Medal Mad Ambassadors

MedalMad ambassadors are volunteers who help us to engage, support and motivate our community. They all love running and taking on challenges. Each have their own reasons for why. 


Get in Touch

If you think that we could work together then please get in touch. We are always open to ideas and we always reply.

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