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20.17 Challenge


I missed out on entering this challenge at the beginning of the year, so when I saw the medal was still available in the black Friday sale, I jumped at the chance. The Challenge was to see how far I could run in 20 minutes 17 Seconds, so I knew I had to push myself and give this one a go.

I felt that for speed and consistency the best way to do this was in the gym on the dreadmill. To be honest this is not my most favourite piece of equipment in the Gym. I would much rather be running outside, even though it's cold you soon warm up after a few mins.

So with my music going I set the treadmill to 7min 30 sec pace. I was in the zone. I managed to keep that pace for the first 10min, then slowed it down a bit as I knew I wanted to give it all I had for the final 2mins.

I'm really pleased to say that I managed to run 2.48 miles in the allotted 20 minutes 17 Seconds.

Now looking forward to the next challenge which is the 007. 7 miles that I'll be running as part of the Mince Pie 10 miler. I'll let you know soon how I got on, so watch out for that blog coming soon.

Happy running!

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