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When I first saw this medal I thought it was really cool, however I had never seen the film - back to the future! (Yep, never!) so I decided to watch the film as the more people I told, the more shocked they were. It didn't disappoint, it was brilliant - how did it take me this long to watch it! Anyway back to running...

This medal was quite apt, I am Marathon training for London this year and sadly I suffered with my first injury last month, the dreaded shin splints!! I was about to run along a path right next to the famous Sandbanks beach when I got a mile in and felt pain that was unbearable. I was hugely disappointed, bearing in mind the last weekend I had managed to run nearly 12 miles! I tried to carry on as I knew I had an 8km on my training plan to stick to. However the pain didn't go away, I ended up running on the sand, which helped and I managed to get through jogging/walking the 6km. For the first time I had hit a mental and physical block in my training. I hadn't made my training distance for the first time. I was really disheartened. But I knew I couldn't have done anymore, I struggled to walk to the car and even struggled to drive. It was only a left shin splint but I couldn't hardly move.

I went to see a physiotherapist and she confirmed it was a left shin splint, and recommended rest. When I explained I was training for the marathon she decided lower impact activities would be the best option for a couple of weeks, until I can slowly build my miles up again on the treadmill, starting with just one mile. She also recommended rollers for the muscles after exercise (if you haven't used them, invest in one). I managed to swim and go spinning while my shin was healing, and a few weeks later I was back to running, which will lead me on to my next blog! Just remember injuries are common but I have realised resting or changing routines to heal these injuries pays off, don't turn a niggle into a long term injury! Happy running everyone!


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