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Craigie was put in the Red Corner!


Craigie was put in the Red Corner.

For the last 8 weeks, as well as doing our running, Melissa & I have been training twice a week for a charity boxing match in aid of Cancer Research.

I might not have been adding lots of miles to my goal of 1000 for the year, but my overall fitness has definitely improved.

So when the Dirty Dancing medal came up, I decided to include it as part of my training. I was never going to be Patrick Swayze (for me, running is much easier than dancing) plus I knew I would be 'in the corner' at some point.

This was a 5K medal challenge, so to combine boxing with running, we ran our local Parkrun in boxing Kit to increase our charity fund raising.

https:// zwww.justgiving.com/fundraising/boxing-jenkins

We got lots of support from our fellow parkrunners. Melissa and I decided to run this one together and boy was it hot wearing them gloves for a 5k run!

The Boxing match was an amazing experience.. the result did not go in my favour, but I gave it 100% and went the full 3 rounds.

I am now focused on my running again and looking forward to the second half of the year. I've got lots more Medal Mad challenges and at least two more ½ marathons planned this year.

I'm having the time of my life!

Happy Running !!


Craigie was put in the Red Corner!
Craigie was put in the Red Corner!
Craigie was put in the Red Corner!
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