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Double Busy!


Who isn't busy in December? Presents to buy, house to decorate (inside and out for me!!!!), food to get, parties to attend, school plays to go and see, work and somewhere in between all that, keep up with running.

After a less active than planned November, I have been anxiously waiting for December. As well as 2 Medal Mad challenges, I had my last organised race of the year booked. I did the Santa Run for Acorn's. The entry fee included a Santa suit and so I of course wore mine with pride!. Like the poppy run I did last month, I also registered my children to do this 5k with me. It was sooooooo much fun and felt so festive. Lots of music, everyone dressed up as a Santa, a lovely flat course and some nice bling at the end. I absolutely love having my children cross that finish line with me even though I have to fight my competitive nature to want to go faster! Although it was chilly, once we got moving we warmed up quickly. Those Santa suits are not the most breathable of materials!

I started off this year with a plan to do more OCRs and I have finished with the running bug. Most days I think about when I will get my run in and where I will be going. Twelve months ago I would have laughed if you had said I would be competing in organised races that don't involve obstacles. December is very much a time for reflection and I will always look back on this year as the one where I became a runner. I'm that confident in my commitment to this sport that I now use the hashtag 'runner' in my Instagram posts! I must admit, it helps that there are so many races with awesome medals at the end. Those little bits of metal really do add to my motivation.

Were almost half way through the month. I have the 12K off Christmas and the last of my Harry Potter House medals to submit evidence for. I shall be at my local park run Christmas weekend and I've asked Santa for some new road trainers. Whilst I have achieved so much, there is still so much to keep working for. Take it from this Medal Momma – you don't know what you are capable of until you set yourself some goals and keep exceeding them!

Happy Christmas everyone and I look forward to seeing everyone achieve some fabulous personal goals next year and earning some bright and shiny medals!

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