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Fairy Tale Series Part 1 of 4

 The Disney lover within me had no doubts about signing up for the fairy tale series. As soon as I saw the medal designs I just knew I had to add them to my ever growing collection!

I've decided to try something a little different for each of the fairy tale medals with my blog posts so here goes…….

Many people think I'm crazy when I head out for a run
I try to explain to them, "for me it really is great fun."
Running gives me freedom and time to clear my mind,
Racing around the fields, the way home I must find.
One run to the next, they are never the same,
Regardless of pace, it makes sure I don't go insane.

Medals motivate me, I just want more and more
I love to share them and hope I don't become a bore.
Red ones, round ones, big ones and small,
Reality is that I just want them all!
One more medal, just one more race,
Running ensures that I keep improving my pace!

MedalKids pack idea!
The name’s Craig not Bond!