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Fairytale Part 4 of 4


 I've completed the set. Woo hoo J And what a great set they are too.

Over the last four months I've ran with a goal

Now that I've finished I feel superb

Collecting these medals helps to keep my motivation up as

Everyone knows some runs feel so tough

Understanding your body becomes a key skill

Pushing yourself when you know you can handle it

Or taking it easy to avoid physical exhaustion and

Not looking for excuses, instead adapting around them

Am I proud of myself? yes I am! I really, really am.

Running was never my thing, I used to avoid it at all costs

Until I completed my first OCR and my whole mindset changed

Now it's part of my life, part of who I am, part of my everyday

Sam Ager

New Set. New Goals
MedalMad at the London Marathon Expo 2018