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Group Running or a Lone Ranger?!


Solo or with friends?

Most of the time circumstances dictate that I run on my own. I feel very safe where I live, there are lots of road and trail routes that I can go and I have to be flexible around my family and work. Since having my children, I have been part time at work and Tuesday is currently my full day off. The weather the last few weeks has been gorgeous and so I have been taking the dog for some long walks straight after the school run and then doing a run on my own before picking them up in the afternoon. This was my plan for one Tuesday a couple of weeks ago.

After dropping my kids off at school, I walked back down the road to my home (already in my running gear) and was chatting to a neighbor outside. As I'm chatting, I see two of my friends running towards me. "We're going for a quick 5, you coming?" And so I found myself running from my village to the next and back with 2 of my friends. We ran at a nice steady pace where we were able to chat and put the world to rights!!!!! It ended up being 5.6miles with a little trail section thrown in the middle. It was fab.

This was running for the joy of running. It was like minded ladies doing what they enjoy, together. This was the prefect run at the prefect time. They say things happen for a reason. Some would say this was "The Run of Your Life" (did I get away with that? Too cheesy?) and so I submitted this run as evidence for my Dirty Dancing medal. I've not had one with moving parts before!

As with my other medals, I like to be able to attach some emotion or sentiment to it – this one will always be for that impromptu run with friends.

How do you prefer to run? Alone? With friends? In a group?

However you run, know that you are amazing for persisting with a sport that you enjoy.


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