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Joining a new group…

 Argh, it's scary, will I be fast enough? Will I end up at the back looking like I am dying? Will I slow everyone down? Will they all look like super fit athletes? Will they be nice or judgy? All of these questions and many more went through my head last Tuesday as I drove to my first session with Hucclecote Harriers.

I am planning to Jeff Gloucester Marathon in August and I found a local group that were also planning to Jeff it in the same time I was. They set up the training because they listened to members saying that they wanted to do a marathon but they were afraid they wouldn't make it all or be quick. They then got together and planned the training around the fact they wanted to run a 6 hour marathon. I mean how much more inclusive can you get!

So I turned up on Tuesday evening (their normal night) and they have several groups for each ability or distance that you could want to run. I ran with the jeffing group and we did 5km. From the out I was easily one of the slowest however my friend who was running with me, and far more capable than she lets on, refused to let me run with the tail runner on my own. We ran 5km jeffing 3:2 in 44 mins which is faster than I usually run! I did feel it though but they were all lovely about it. I even got a message afterwards to say how hard I had worked and to keep it up. That's fabulous motivation!

I am so glad I went along and will be joining their training on a regular basis. It goes to show that actually all of the stuff in your head is mostly just in your head and you should try new things and especially new groups.

It's funny really as I have had to learn a lot of hard lessons over the last year. One of them is humility in my running. I was middle if not front of my pack, now I am at the back and that's ok because 5km is still 5km and my marathon will be exactly the same 26.2 miles that everyone else is running. I will just get more from my entrance fee J. That's one of the reasons I love virtual runs, there is no starting gun, I can do it as I please. There is no back of the pack because I am my pack! I then get a shiny medal at the end, oh and its way cheaper than an on the day race. Bargain. My next challenge in the Medalmad medals is the Runderground medal, that will be my next blog. That said have you seen the Bakeoff medal?? I can't wait until October and earn that one J

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