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London Marathon


On Sunday I got the train to London to go and watch my friend Kath taking part in the Virgin London Marathon (her first one.)

I travelled up to London with our other friend Caroline; we arrived at London Waterloo slightly later than expected after 2 trains, a technical fault and a replacement bus service. We're were just in time to see the first elite runners go past us at Westminister between miles 24 and 25. We saw Mo Farah, but he was so quick, we didnt catch him in our photo!
We'd both downloaded the tracking app and decided to head towards Tower Bridge and see Kath at about halfway. The atmosphere amongst the crowds was amazing, if a little too busy at times for my liking. Particularly outside the Tower of London- it was crammed!
We found a spot where we had a relatively good view across the road to where Kath would be running. At this point, the runners heading back towards mile 18 were on our side of the road, so we knew that she wouldn't see us but we would hopefully see her. We'd also set up a Whats app group with Kath's Mum so we knew that they had just seen each other at Tower Bridge.
When we saw Kath running up the road towards us, Caroline and I were both screaming her name so loud. We were like a pair of banshees but she still didn't hear us as she was too far away on the other side of the road.
We then decided that we had time to go and get a bite to eat and set back off for Westminster at mile 25, knowing that Kath would need our support for that final push to the end.
The tube stations were ridiculously busy but we walked all the way to the end of the platform and stepped straight into an empty carriage. The masses of people in the middle of the platform couldn't believe it as we went past on the tube and they were still waiting for a space.
We used Westminster tube station to walk under the road to get to the side of the road by the Thames. It was less busy over there. We found a spot by the barrier and shouted encouragement to the runners as they all entered their last mile or so. So many people were walking at this point. We saw people crying, hobbling, limping, sunburnt and generally just looking exhausted. We saw a few people collapsing or collapsed in the heat.
When we saw Kath for the second time, we shouted for her again. This time she saw us and came over for the biggest hug we could give her. She burst into tears as we told her how proud of her we both were. She stayed with us for a few minutes and then set off for the last part of her marathon.
We met her afterwards amongst thousands of people all wearing their medals, definitely well deserved after running the hottest London Marathon on record. We spoke to several people during our train journey home and not one of them finished in the time they were expecting too. They had all taken longer in the sun and heat. When Kath did her 20 mile training run 4 or 5 weeks ago it had been in snow. None of us could not believe the difference in weather in just over a month!
I am so in awe of all the runners from yesterday and I now feel even more determined that I'd like to run a marathon, I'm just glad it wasn't yesterday's as I don't think I'd have managed it. Well done everyone that took part. I think you're all amazing.
Becky @medalmadmummy

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