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Once Upon a Run 5km


I am buzzing to receive this medal through the post as I'm a huge Disney fan, I always have been and I always will be. This medal is the fourth Disney medal in a series of four from Medal Mad UK and the other three have been amazing so I know this one will be too.
My running motivation had taken a bit of a downwards turn in March but I decided that I wanted to run 75 miles in April to improve it again. I'm happy to say so far so good!
I ran 10km with my friend Kath, on Easter Monday, to provide the evidence for this medal, in the cold, wet and wind. It was great to see her and get the miles done, whilst having a natter. Kath's currently tapering her runs as she's running the Virgin London Marathon on the 22nd April. I've bought a train ticket to London to go and support her and I'm really excited about it. I'd love to run a marathon myself one day.
If you're also running VLM this year, good luck. Maybe message me via the Medal Mad Facebook page or @medalmadmummy on Twitter and Instagram as I'd love to track you on the day and look out for you from the crowd!
See you then, maybe!


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