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Marathon Training


 Hiya all,

On the 2nd April 2018 we started our marathon training in earnest. Now don't get me wrong we have had to spend the last few months getting back up to 10km runs and we are going to do that this weekend. It has been hard, much harder than I remember it being last year. Perhaps it's because I was half marathon ready before I thought about doing the full?

I have absolutely loved the MedalMad four part Fairy tale virtual running series and have definitely used them to motivate me to go on. I will be signing up for the Pursuit challenge again this year as I loved filling the four different distance slots and getting gold (although silver would be ok too!) You can get gold by completing the distances (5km/ 10km/ 13.1M/36.2M) all in one go or have silver segments if you complete them over a few runs. There is also the Bake off Medal which is the same principal. They are fab medals and really heavy too!

I have written before about running definitely being a mental game for me. I know my body is so much more capable than my mind lets me believe but it's getting my mind to shut up and just let me run. I have also started jeffing to give myself a reasonable chance of actually getting to the marathon with no injuries. I am actually enjoying jeffing more than running non-stop. It seems to work for my busy brain to focus on a shorter amount of time. My time has not actually been affected either!

Anyway it's time to lace up and go out for a run so until next time.

Happy running,


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