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 May has not been the month of running, I hoped it would be. After completing my personal challenge of 75 running miles in April, I was buzzing. I hoped to complete a further 60 running miles this month. Alas, it seems I over exerted myself in April and I've picked up a foot injury. 

At one point this month, I thought it had healed and had a nice slow, easy run to test it. It felt ok. Later that day I wore flip flops and I made it worse again. I get so impatient when I'm injured and this made me really cross and frustrated.
We also had 4 days at Disneyland Paris so there was a lot of walking involved on those days, which I don't think has helped, despite the fact that I wore my running trainers. I think those 4 days are pretty much the only days that I made my step count this month, which is very unlike me.
I have taken to riding my bike, with my two children in, for the school run as cycling has been a lot easier on my foot, than running. I haven't recorded the journeys on my Garmin or Strava though as the school run is always a bit of a rush and I don't remember to do it.
I'm happy to say that with the couple of runs I did at the beginning of the month, the cycling I remembered to record and my daily steps, I have got enough miles to put in as evidence for the virtual challenges I entered. Usually I like to submit just running miles for the challenges but it's drastic measures this month. Ive waited until now to put in for them, in the hope that id have enough running miles and not have to use my cycling evidence. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to receiving The Run You Must Star Wars medal, the I Don't Sweat, I Sparkle medal, The Run of your Life medal, and the London 26.2 Monopoly medal.
Fingers crossed that I can up my miles again for June. I'd really like to run a 10 mile run to claim the Peaky Blinders medal. That's my aim by the end of next month.

Becky @medalmadmummy

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