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Medal Motivation


What motivates you to run? Is it enjoyment? Is it fun? Is it exciting? I expect not! However after you've ran and you are waiting for a cool medal from MedalMad through the post do you enjoy it? Is it fun and is it exciting? Not sure about you but I think it is! There is something special about submitting that evidence in and waiting for that bling through the post!

I've just completed the third medal from the Houses of Magic series, I rarely ran more than 5 kilometres in one go until recently – until I was motivated by a challenge, a medal challenge! It also helps with the marathon training but the medal is way more important!

I decided to get the Slytherin medal by running the 10km around my local town, something I rarely do. I usually run along country roads but as the days are shorter and it's getting darker it's near impossible to get out. So for the first time I ran my first 10km around a town and I've got to say I really loved it! The crossings gave you breathers! You could people watch! And I could be really nosey looking at houses down roads that I've never been down before! I found it a little flat as I'm used to many hills where I live however the town I was running in was Shaftesbury- Home of Gold Hill! So of course I ran up that – twice! Just because it's a Strava segment and a challenge! I like to really earn that bling! MedalMad has helped me so much to run and to do things that I would never thought I would do…ever! Like hill training! Bring on London Marathon!

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