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MedalKids pack idea!

Medalmad has an offshoot called Medalkids and it's all about encouraging our little ones to be active and giving them little pins each time they complete a challenge with a large Medal Kids medal once they have completed all eight. The packs are brilliant in that they have different themes and the newest ones out are Unicorns and Wizards and Warriors.

They are incredibly good value (I know us runners like a good deal!) with a medal, eight pins, an A4 progress sheet with some little stickers and a double A4 backer sheet for the pins.

The first packs out had lots of little challenges which my son really enjoyed, things like jumping, my first km, Skipping etc. Take a look https://www.medalmad.com/shop/mk. The new packs are based on distance and have different little pins with the distance on them.

So to my idea…I love Unicorns and have bought a pack for myself J I am going to use it as motivation to get faster! The pins are in ½ km increments starting at 1km and going up to 4.5km. You could use the medal as the 5km distance. This month over nine runs I will run a baseline for each pin/ medal, seeing how fast I currently go, the pack has a little space at the bottom of each pin so you can write your time in. I will then do the same next month and see if I can get a faster time and reward myself with the pins once I do! You also get a large medal (I know it says Medalkids but pfft it's still cool) with a beautiful lanyard which I will put on my medal hanger and use to put them the pins on as I earn them. J

I have a plan to do exactly the same with the Wizards pack once I have completed the Unicorns one.

What do you think? I am really just a big kid and I promise to buy the kids one too. J I will keep you updated on my progress.


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