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MedalMad at the London Marathon Expo 2018

Last week the team travelled to the big city. Not to find pavements of gold but to find MedalMadders who had taken on the biggest race in the world. 

We were there for four days, and we met many people with so many different stories. We really appreciated everyone that came to our stand. Particularly those that were nearly out the door, but came back around looking for us, as they could not leave without saying hi. The fact that our stand number was wrong in the brochure and how busy it was, made the effort mean so much more. 

We heard some amazing stories of people's running journeys. One has stuck in my mind. A lady came to our stand to say hi. She has done over 20 challenges with us in a year. She had then decided to sign up to 6 months of real life races, mostly half marathons, and stop virtual running. A gasp in horror I hear. But now she had done a few half marathons and 10k's she was ready for the race of her life, to achieve the ambition of running the London marathon. She said she still does a few MedalMad challenges, but only when the medal is amazing. Which must mean she is planning to do all of them!!! But I think the medal design needs to mean something to her.

This is a great example of the power of virtual running. For some it is their running destination, they love it and will always do it. For some it is a stepping stone to real life races and challenges. For some it will always be a mixture. As someone who has a sports development background it is stories like this that makes MedalMad an amazing community to be part of. To see people use it as a tool to help them reach their dreams. 

I hope the lady in question completed the marathon last weekend. But to everyone who ran or wants to run, just remember that its about getting to the start line and not the finish line that matters most. Having the will power to say I will, to make the positive change in your life is greater then when or how you finish. ​

-- Mike Squire

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