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MedalMad - the spark to your running ambitions through virtual running

MedalMad is all a out the community and their achievements. Yes we do like an awesome medal, but mostly it is the awesome achievements that we hear about that makes it such a great community. Everyone has different reasons for running and different motivations. What gets you running may be so different from someone else you can't even understand why. Being part of MedalMad virtual running community means you will fin people with the same reasons for running, the same level and the same aims. MedalMad gives you the support, the reward and motivation all in one.

Here is how MedalMad gave Eric at 72 his running Mojo back. 

Well we are at the half way stage and thanks to you I have my Mo Jo back, at the end of last year I was struggling with motivation regarding running and I put it down to age (72) then my running friend Gemma Camp suggested this 1000 mile challenge and it has taken over. So far this year I have completed 779 miles won 3 age cat. trophies plus one Essex Championship Bronze Medal and I have to say its all down to your challenge,.I hope to complete the 1000 by the end of August but will try to reach 1500 as I have a couple of half marathons coming up so will up my mileage a bit, once again thanks to MedalMad.

by Eric 72
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