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New Set. New Goals


April is a month of transition for me.

It is the month where I have completed the Fairy Tale Series medals and the same month where I have started the Marathon Monopoly Medals.

This is a change of going from 5K runs to earn my medal to 26.2mile runs to guarantee that bling!

A 5K run, once a month in return for a medal is more than in my comfort zone. I have enjoyed dedicating specific runs to these medals and as soon as I've finished I've submitted my evidence and waited for my medal to arrive.

The story looks a little different for my first marathon medal. My longest race to date has been a 10k. I have completed a 30K obstacle course race but that's not just pure running so I'm not including that in this discussion. So, my longest race so far is a 10K and I'm currently in training for my first ever half marathon which I will do at the end of June. This means that I am nowhere near ready for marathon distance. The fact that I can spread the distance across more than one run for the monopoly marathon medals is a blessing, otherwise I would not be in a position to earn them yet.

I have done quite a few shorter runs this month due to travelling to America and a lot of bad weather here so it's taken longer than I would like to cover the distance. But I've done it.

This time last year I was not really a runner. I did OCRs but I didn't really run. I didn't enter the London Marathon ballot because a) I had no desire to run it and b) I didn't know you had to enter a ballot to get a place! It wasn't until June time that I became serious about my running. Not long after I started seeing people on Instagram talking about whether they were in or not. I might not have the official VLM medal but I do have my own London monopoly marathon medal and I love it! Helps that I love monopoly too!

Lesson learnt that are linked to this medal:

1 – I want to run a marathon and so I will be entering the ballot when it opens this year

2 – I want to earn my next monopoly marathon medal in less runs

3 – I'm getting so much better at this running malarkey!

Here's hoping May is a warmer and drier month than April was and to the next medal. Have fun with whatever medal you are working towards this month 

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