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Parkrun PB as a Busy Mum


Parkrun PB

I don't get to go to Parkrun very often as my husband works 7 out of 10 Saturdays and I have 3 young children (ages 4, 5 and 6). Whilst my 6 year old loves to run with my, the younger two don't. I have taken them before and it becomes an unpleasant process as they want to give up and do something else, even walking becomes a chore for them and my son and I want to go on. As a result, I don't go to Parkrun when my husband isn't home.

May has seen him have 2 Saturdays off and the first one I went to my local Parkrun. This was my first run after being ill for a week with a nasty throat infection and I had no plans to do anything other than run the 5K. It was a nice morning, not sunny but also not raining or windy. I told myself that I was not allowed to look at my Fitbit for any idea of pace or time, I was just to run at a comfortable pace and no walking. And that's exactly what I did for 27 minutes and 10 seconds. This is a course PB for me, although over a minute away from my 5K PB.

I felt great at the end. I even managed a sprint finish into the funnel. One man patted me on the back and said "what an amazing finish, well done." Later on, I got my email with my official time and, not only was it a course PB, I also got 3rd in my age category. What an achievement. I reckon it's because I was wearing my Medal Mad t-shirt- it gave my feet some extra running power!!!!! And, to top it all off, I used the data of the run as evidence for my "I don't sweat, I sparkle" medal and am now able to give some extra meaning to my unicorn bling!!!

This kind of run after not being well, being at a comfortable pace and not monitored makes me wonder just how much I can achieve if I was focusing on everything needed to be the best race. Time will tell. Maybe one day I'll be looking at 3rd female over all? Who knows?


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