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"Run Forest Run", 10K Challenge


What an Iconic film! When I first saw this challenge come up, it just had to be done.

Until I started running, my life was certainly like a box of chocolates. I was very occupied with chocolate; boxes of; bars of, actually - whatever I could get my hands on, several times a day! It became a problem but then I discovered 'moderation' through getting fitter, healthier and discovering running!

The "Run Forest Run" Challenge was a nice 10K that I used for my ½ Marathon training. Like Forest Gump, when I start running, I just want to keep going - so this one turned into a steady 10 miles.

The route was my favourite Tilgate Forest loop, taking in all the sights as Spring starts to take hold. (That was before the snow actually! "You never know what you are gonna get".)

April Is going to be another busy one for me, with a 10K, a Spanish ½ Marathon - not to mention all the other MedalMad challenges I've signed up for.

Until then, Enjoy your running people!

MedalMad at the London Marathon Expo 2018
London Marathon