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Runner's lost mojo


 In March, I was suffering from 'Runner's lost mojo.' I asked a number of people how I could go about getting it back. The general consensus was: Get out there and run more! So, in April, I set myself a personal target of running 75 miles throughout the month. This would be the most I've ever run in a month but I was determined to achieve it. I'm extremely happy to say that I've done it!

I had signed up for two marathon medals with @medalmaduk this month. The Tokyo Monopoly medal and the Runderground London Marathon medal. I'm thrilled that I was able to cover enough miles to put in the evidence for them both. As always, I'm looking forward to adding them to my medal collection.
The distances I ran this month varied between 1 mile and 10 miles and I got out and ran with several of my friends. I also mixed up the routes I was running for a bit more variety. Overallive enjoyed my month if running more ad I think my mojo is definitely back. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice on how to get it back.
I'm looking forward to taking part in May's challenges and I'm setting myself the challenge of running 60 miles this month too. Wish me luck!
Becky @medalmadmummy

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