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The name’s Craig not Bond!

I'm really enjoying being one of the Medal Mad Ambassadors. The medals are great and I kind of wish I'd started a blog when I first started running (on the Couch to 5K program).

I completed the 007 Challenge as part of the Mince Pie 10 Miler in Seaford. It was also a friend's Birthday, so there was a group of us running to help her celebrate. It seemed like a lovely idea at the time and it was sold to me as a nice easy 10 mile run, nothing too serious, in fancy dress. Sounded fun, I didn't bother checking the course when I registered

The day before I had a look online and saw there were a few hills. I knew then it was going to be slightly more challenging than I bargained for.

Anyone who reads my blogs or knows me will tell you how I love a bit of fancy dress. So out came the 'Joseph' costume again. In hindsight, robes and head dress prabably aren't the best choices when running up hill against 50mph winds trying to blow you off the South Downs! Needless to say.. those first 7 miles were really hard work. I definitely earned that 007 medal. Wind, rain and hailstones. Why didn't we just go to the pub to celebrate my friends birthday like normal people?

I've not really done that many trail runs and this one reminded me why! I decided the best strategy was to try and keep up with the person in front of me and not hold up the person behind me. Everyone pretty much had the same idea, it was like 'all aboard the trail running train'.

Luckily the wind changed on the last 3 miles so it was time for me to be like a Kite (in my floaty robes). A great finish and definitely negative split according to the stats on my TomTom.

At the finish line there was bling and of course a Mince Pie. Then we found a lovely cafe to have a well deserved lunch … and a bit more cake.

So, my racing year is almost finished but there's still the 20K Buddy Challenge (I don't have a dog but will be running with a different type of pet!). Then the Christmas Day Parkrun and Boxing Day 4 mile cross country to look forward to. I'll also be starting the year with a double Parkrun to help log the miles for the 1000 Mile Challenge in 2018.

Merry Christmas & Happy Running

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