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The Three Things earning my Marathon Medal has Taught Me!

Marathon Medal 2

So last month I talked about a month of transition and that fact that I have never ran a marathon. I am working towards my first ever half at the end of June and training is going well.

I have already ran more miles this year than I did in any other year of my life! I would be confident in saying that in the last 10 years I ran less than I have in the last 5 months.

May saw my biggest single running week ever. I did 25.4miles in one week. I know that is not even one marathon but for me, it's a huge achievement. I am proud of myself and I know that I've got more in me.

I'm sure I've said before that running isn't my main love, that accolade belongs to OCRs (obstacle course races). My love of running was born through the desire to get better at the OCRs I was entering. To be fair, the two go hand in hand. April saw me complete my first OCR of the 2018 season and May saw me complete my 2nd. 8.8miles of pure joy. Those miles were part of my biggest week to date.

For me, running has ALWAYS needed a goal. Initially it was to improve my OCR performance. Then I started (and have carried on doing) virtual races and receiving the medals really does spur me along. As well as running, I have to make time for my strength training, obstacle practice and fit in some recovery. I will up my weekly mileage, but that will have to wait until the end of the OCR season as I will have to switch out some other sessions for the running.

In earning this medal, I have learnt the following 3 things:

1 – Don't underestimate yourself, we can all do more than we believe we can

2 – Eventually, all the hard work starts paying off at the same time and you feel pretty epic

3 – Keep striving for more. Don't become complacent.

May was a glorious month. More of the same please June J Happy running ladies and gents.


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