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The Very Important Rules of Running


 Some of these are cast iron rules, some are more guidelines; some are picked up from others, some are self learnt and some are blatantly ripped off from other lists. All, however, are vital for successful running and runners:

Be careful when spitting, your aim probably isn't as good as you think and it's someone else that will get it in the face (believe me, I've been on the receiving end)Saying hello to other runners will not slow you down or cause you serious injury

Running is always fun, although this may not be obvious until afterwards

Don't wait for perfect weather, get out and run

Always start a run, you can always stop after a few miles/kilometers and you've at least run a bit

Always apply bepanthen to sensitive areas before applying deep heat (I learnt this the hard way)

If someone breezes past you they obviously aren't running as far as you

If you are struggling on race day it is perfectly acceptable to follow a nice arse

Do not try to race dogs, you will lose

Whether it takes 4 minutes or 20 minutes doesn't matter, a mile is still a mile

Never forget to hydrate; water/isotonic before and during; booze afterwards

Do not judge someone if they're not as fast as you, a bit overweight, aren't wearing the latest kit or tech; they're still out running and lapping everyone else on the sofa

If you think a minute is a long time you've never completed timed intervals

Look after injuries, runners are not invincible

If you run, you are a runner

Just because it's hot doesn't mean you don't have to wear a top, nobody wants to see you jiggle

Cotton t-shirts are a no-go but, as you can see, lycra is king

All the best Christmas things come in 12s; Days, K...
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