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    First run of the new year today after a few false starts. Usual excuses of its too cold outside, there’s too much traffic, I’m hungry, I’m tired.
    Today there was to be no excuses. No sitting down when got in from work. Straight out the door... well almost straight out. Had to find running clothes that fit and hid the excess pounds. Then had a battle with my phone to connect to Bluetooth and run tracking (succeeded on first but not second).

    Finally out the door. A steady 6k to get me back into the routine. Found it a lot more comfortable than I thought it would be and even added a little extra distance on than had initially planned. Found the inclines tough and enjoyed the slight downhills.
    Favourite part was activating the traffic speed sensor - 6mph shooting up to 26mph but that was probably more the car next to me than my sprint effort.

    Reward of chocolate biscuit when got home.
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