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    Ok, time for that update. January has been a good month, I did the virtual run to the National Running Show. 59 miles completed between the 21st December and the 19th January, I don't think I realised just how many kilometres 59 miles was until after I'd committed myself! So because I'd ran to the show I'd just about done my January distance. I haven't ran much in the past 10 days but went out with my friend and her pony yesterday. 8 kilometers of muddy fields and tracks, and it was icy too. Good fun but very slow going!
    Good to meet MedalMad at the Running Show too, the Soreen went down well and I bought some leggings that came with a free mirror, mirror medal! I definitely earned that medal yesterday through the icy fields! 😂😂
    Two medal's earnt in January, Eat, Sleep, Run, Repeat 50k and New Year, new unicorn.
    As it stands at the moment my distance for January is 67.9km, I've beaten my furthest distance! Have got a run planned for Sunday though so will increase that further before I start all over again in February with a new high score to beat. 👍👍
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