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    Needed one thing to go right today - got soaked on my morning walk, my phone kept pausing the running app without me realising at points, then my earphones decided to run out of juice and just to add a cherry to my day, I got to work and found my supervisor going through my desk because “she thought there were loose notes that someone wanted in there" then she walked away, without apologising for going through my desk, and just left all the stuff she'd pulled out scattered all over my desk for me to clean up.

    Oh well, on the upside, my dress for my brother’s wedding arrived and it’s size 16 and fits! (Needs altering a little bit just so it fits absolutely perfectly) and I managed to push my walk this afternoon a little bit further - to make up for my phone being a jerk!

    304.15k/500k whoop! Smashed the 300k! Next goal is 350l
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