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    Snuck out of work on Tuesday for a cheeky 3.5 miles and then managed 8.1 on Wednesday morning despite being woken up at 5am. I didn't manage to get out at all on Friday as I was woken at 3am that day, so called into work sick to just have a chill out day. Took Kieran out for a 1 mile run on Saturday morning, just to ease him back in as he hasn't run for almost 3 weeks. He wanted to go further, until we got to about half a mile and he was struggling. I told him, I know what I'm doing son. you haven't run for a while, so first 1 or 2 runs you will find harder than they should be, but the fitness comes back even quicker than it dips. With this in mind, I'm aiming for a 2 tomorrow night then get him back on the 5ks.
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