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    Didn't manage too much. Was off camping last week with 700 cub scouts, so was drained all weekend devoid of any energy or enthusiasm. Monday I was back to work and had over 300 emails to deal with, which took me 2 days to action. I managed to get out for a 5 mile run on Wednesday, my first run in 2 weeks, which coincidentally was Global Running Day. Didn't manage to get out again, but hoping for a short run with Kieran tomorrow or Sunday before we head to Butlins for a week on Monday morning. Then I really do need to crack on as I've signed up to the run the board 225km challenge. Darn you MedalMad, you have me hooked on your challenges and fantastic bling! hahaha. Have to check out what others are available once I've finished this one (and buy a new Medal Hanger if I am going to keep getting these large medals!!)
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