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Movie Marathon Bundle 2020
Movie Marathon Bundle 2020
Movie Marathon Bundle 2020
Movie Marathon Bundle 2020

Movie Marathon Bundle 2020

Save over 15% off the normal price of each medal with his movie marathon bundle. So the total distance is more than an actual marathon but you get where we are coming from!! Great option for those who love classic movies and earning amazing medals.  Use the magic of movies to keep you motivated in 2020. 

1. Back to Running II 10KM - Jan 2020

2. Worth Running For 13.1 Miles -Feb 2020

3. Runners of the Lost Ark 13.1 miles - March 2020

4. Jurnaji 13.1 miles - March 2020

5. Jungle Miles 10KM 

You can do the challenges in parts. You can run, walk, cycle, swim or gym to complete any of these challenges. Evidence must be submitted before each challenge closes. We would advsie using the app to keep track of your challenges, find the app in your app store.



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