Challenger Levels


Being a part of MedalMad is to be part of a community with shared aims and goals. To keep you focused we are delighted to offer our membership challenger levels. The biggest bonus is the FREE personalised medal each time you reach your new level. Plus additional offers, discounts and rewards.

We are starting the free personalised medal for bronze and silver in 2020 to build on the success of the personalised gold medal in 2019. All challengers will continue from where they are at the 1st of January 2020, with the first medal being sent when the next new level is reached.


medalmad membership levels


How many challenges do I need to complete?

10 for Bronze - 20 for Silver - 30 for Gold

Get Started!

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How to





The best way is to use the MedalMad app. It is automatic and your level is displayed in the app. Plus the app has extra benefits such as race results, points board, stats and more. You can also use the website, however you will need to screenshot your completed challenges page and send to us.


Check Out Membership Teams

Each level has its own group on the MedalMad website.