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FAQ - Joining Multiple Challenges

How many MedalMad challenges do you take on at a time? We have so many amazing medals, choosing a race or one of our anytime challenges can be really tricky!   If you purchase more than one of the same medal in an order, by changing the quantity - only one challenge will show on your account - but the evidence you submit will re...
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FAQ - Can I do A MedalMad Challenge In Parts?

​Here at MedalMad we have challenges ranging from 5K all the way up to 1000 miles, now unless you are superhuman, 1000 miles in one go is a bit of an ask...! We allow challengers to submit evidence in parts for all of our challenges - whether it is a 5k, Marathon or 1000 miles, challenges can be done at your pace and split in to as m...
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FAQ - Using The Tracker On The App

​ Important!! 1) Please make sure you have allowed the app to know your location in your phone settings. If not allowed the timer will work but the app will not track your activity. We are unable to provide exact instructions for every model so please google your phone model and make and how to change location settings. 2) Please do a test run...
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FAQ - How To Use The App To Upload Evidence

This FAQ is about uploading evidence to our app. We have broken this down showing screen grabs for each stage you will go through. *Please note this is just information uploading via the app - not using the tracker - this FAQ will follow. Please make sure when signing in you put in your full email address Type in your password&n...
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FAQ - When Will My Medal Arrive?

When Will My Medal Arrive?  Here at MedalMad we post out four times a week - A Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Evidence verification can take up to two working days and then your medal is sent via Royal Mail. We do aim to verify evidence within one working day.  Any evidence submitted Thursday (after 11am) Friday, Satu...
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FAQ - The MedalMad App

1. Where can I get the app? You can get the app from the App store and Play Store. 2. How do I log in? Please create an account on the website then use the same log in details for the app. Please only use your email when logging into the app, not your username. Please make sure your password only contains letters, number and !@£ 3. How do I submit ...
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