​Welcome to MedalMad. We have a range of amazing virtual challenges and races that you can take on each month and over the year. Track your virtual challenges and progress on the website of our free app. You can take on our distance challenges running, walking, swimming, cycling or using gym equipment. Kids can even scoot. You can take part anywhere in the world

 1- Sign Up

​Sign up online creating a MedalMad account or MedalKids account. You can have multiple accounts but at the moment accounts cannot be linked. You will need an email address for each account. MedalKids accounts allow medals to be sent in the name on the account for our younger challengers. We do not store payment details on any account.

You can do all challenges as a family, or group in one account.

2- Joining a Challenge

Sign up to a challenge or challenges on the website. For all entries, purchases and account management you will need to log into the website. 

On joining a challenge please read the information about when a challenge starts and when it ends. Entry fee is to save your place on the challenge. ONLY challenges completed before the deadline and submitted will receive a medal. This is very important we do NOT sell medals. 

If you choose to have more than one medal or reward (i.e you are running with a friend or as a family) you will only have ONE evidence section in your account for the challenge distance. All medals and rewards will be sent when that one evidence section is completed. If you wish to do a challenge separately then each person would need their own account.

Some challenges have extra rewards you can add such as medal hangers, finisher tops and other rewards.

​3- Managing Your Challenge

Once signed up to a challenge it will appear in your account under My Challenges on both the app and website. 

If using the website please refer back to the challenge page for the information about when medals start to go out etc. 

The app has more features such as a countdown to the deadline and an easy quick link to all the information about the challenge, optional race results, leaderboard and much more. 

Both platforms have a progress bar to help you track your challenge. We do not receive anything till your challenge is complete. Once it is 100% all the evidence comes through to us to verify. If you have made a mistake on either platforms in your progress you can submit minus numbers to change this. 

On the app there is a pop up confirmation please check this before confirming, just don't press OK as this cannot be changed afterwards, if a challenge is completed.

In the app you can use the upload feature or the tracker. PLEASE read the how to guide for the method you wish to use.

 Uploading Via the App

Using the tracker in the App.

On the website you only have an upload feature on the My Challenges page. 

You can submit evidence early but your medal and other physical rewards will not be sent until the start of the challenge.

4- Receiving Your Medal and Rewards

Once your challenge has been completed you will instantly receive your reward points in your account (see section 5) that can be used on the Marketplace to purchase rewards and get discounts on shop items.

Your medal and other physical rewards (medal hangers, pins, finisher T's etc) will be made ready to send. If the challenge is live we aim to send it out within three working days. If it has not yet started your evidence is kept safe and your medal sent out in the first shipping for that challenge.

Please refer to the information in managing your challenge as how to find out when a medal will be sent. If you wish to know exactly we would advise only completing a challenge once the challenge starts, as the email you receive will allow you to know that the medal is now being sent. We do not send a second email for those who submit early.

For more information on shipping please click HERE

​5- Other Useful Info

​On the website you will find a newsfeed of all the completed challenges by our members plus personal updates. Please support each other with a like or a well done comment, it will mean a lot to someone. So if you are using the app more, when you do head over to the website to sign up to more amazing challenges take a look.

We have our marketplace where you can use the points you earn to save £££'s on a range of health and fitness items. In 2020 we will be growing this marketplace. 

Rewards - As you complete more challenges you can use your points to claim rewards. Such as out own member personalised medals or vouchers from our partners, such as Runderwear. For more info on rewards please click HERE