Phones that have tracking issues and we advise testing before your first full activity. Our app is a basic tracker and will use your phones own GPS to track your movement, so if there are known issues with your phones GPS or network this will affect the app. Please read the info to see make sure it is compatible with your phone.

Iphone 11 - Known Apple issues affecting tracking ability of this phone - Google for more info

Iphone 6 phones and older - These cannot use the latest iOS which are our app is required to use by Apple. This can affect the tracking capability.

Motorola - Tracking issues

Giff Gaff Network - Known GPS issues with this network affecting tracking.


1) Please make sure you have allowed the app to know your location in your phone settings. If not allowed the timer will work but the app will not track your activity. We are unable to provide exact instructions for every model so please google your phone model and make and how to change location settings.

2) Check your battery settings to make sure you phone does not turn off our app when it is running. This is important if you are using another tracker as both will use a lot of battery power. Your phone may decide to close one and as our app is a basic option it does not have the ability to override your phone like some big business native apps.

3) Please do a test run or walk before starting for real on your first time. Do a small 100 metre walk to make sure your phone is tracking your location. If it is then press stop and then back, and then NO to save, then you can start for real.

4) Some older model of phones such as Motorola may not be supported. Also some minor networks such as Giff Gaff are known for GPS issues and this may interfere with our app. 

5)If the app does not work for you we recommend download Strava and using their free option. Then upload screenshots to your challenges. 

6) Should the app close during a run/activity or upload please do not worry. Tech is not 100% fool proof. Please just let us know by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with order ID (please provide we will require this) and we can sort this out for you. Your activity will not be wasted.

See below for instructions on how to use the tracker.

​Sign in to your App using your email address and password

Then click on 'My Challenges' 

Select your challenge 

This screen will appear with the total distance remaining on your challenge 

And how many days you have left to complete this 

​To use the MedalMad tracker press the 'GO' button 

This will then bring up this information box

Do not close the app after starting the tracker - this may cause the tracker not to record accurately, or at all

Please make sure your location settings are on while using the app when using the tracker 

Or the tracker will not record the distance you have done

And will not deduct this from your challenge 

You will see that the time starts recording once 'GO' is pressed 

So get going..! 

Once you have done the distance you want to complete - press the button that now shows STOP (square in the yellow circle) 

​Choose the activity you completed your distance in - the options you have are - 

Running, walking or cycling

Press the submit button at the bottom of the screen 

​Once you press submit this next box will pop up on to your screen

This shows all the details you have recorded and selected

Please make sure this is correct before you confirm 

Please make sure you have good internet connection when submitting. We know that is hard but if possible submit when home on WIFI.

If the upload spinner does not disappear after a few minutes, please screenshot, close the app then reopen when on good internet connection and upload the screenshot manually. 

​Once confirm has been pressed the next box will tell you your information has been posted.

If the app at this point does not submit, or at any point crashes please do not panic. This can happen, it is is tech, it happens with the big app and us small business apps as well. Please just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know. Your activity will not be wasted!

​When you head back to your 'My Challenges' page it will show your updated challenge

It shows how much you have completed your challenge - in percentage format