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FAQ - How To Use The App To Upload Evidence

See the below guide on how to use the upload feature in the app. Should the app not upload or the connection stop please close the app and try again. This can happen during very busy time when lots of people are submitting evidence. So please check your internet connection and retry later.

Please make sure when signing in you put in your full email address

Type in your password

Click Login

If you have forgotten your password please click the forgot password button.

Password must follow the password rules of only letters, numbers and special characters [email protected]£ Using other special characters will not allow you to log in to the app.

Click on 'My challenges' in the main menu

This will take you to all your challenges

Click on the challenge you wish to upload evidence against

The challenge will show the distance remaining and time remaining to complete the challenge.

Once the challenge is at the end it will say closed. After this your evidence will not be processed but you can still complete the challenge purely to remove it from the current section. But the medal is not awarded.

​To upload a file or saved image please click on the file icon as shown

You can add more than one image to upload, but please bear in mind the more images the longer it will take. Please make sure you are on good strong internet connection.

Please add all images before completing a challenge, once complete you cannot add more images.

To take a picture please click on the camera icon as shown

Please enter the time of the activity you have done - remember this is in HH:MM:SS.

For instance a run of 32 minutes 22 seconds would be typed as - 00:32:22

A walk of 1 hour and 45 minutes would be typed as 01:45:00

Please enter the full time at the end or as you go, but for all submissions. Please don't decide to enter the time for your last submission only as this will be the time entered onto the leaderboard, making you look like your Mo Farrah in disguise.

Tick if your challenge distance was completed in miles or Km

Then add in the distance you have done. Please be aware that the input box acts like a calculator so you can add separate runs in one submission. Every time you press outside the box it will deduct that's amount, if you re-enter the box and input a new distance it will deduct again from your total.

Pick the activity you used - run, walk, cycle, gym or swim

Once all of these sections have been filled in please press submit.

After pressing submit this box will appear

This is confirming all information entered

It shows remaining distance, and the time you competed this section in

If you are happy that all information is correct press confirm

If you have made a mistake press cancel - and amend the mistake

Please check this carefully as nothing saved until you press confirm.

You can edit the progress by using a minus number and pressing submit.

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