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MedalMad is a virtual community that inspires and motivates people to be active. We have have created an online platform for anyone looking to stay fit, without having the hassle of traveling or limiting your activity to someone else's timetable! Users can find their motivation through one of our many challenges and runs; each with unique objectives tailored specifically towards achieving personal goals

Sign up and find your motivation. Complete virtual challenges to earn amazing medals, reward points and downloads from anywhere in the world. There is a challenge for everyone.
Use our website or FREE MedalMad app to track your virtual challenges. To see optional virtual race results, stats, deadlines and more please use the app. Sign up on the website first.
Submit evidence from screenshots of mainstream trackers, pictures of running/fitness watches, use the MedalMad apps tracker and personal logs. You can do the distance in one go or in parts.
You will receive an evidence received email and then a medal dispatch email. Receive your medal in the post and use your reward points in our merchandise shop. Access any bonus downloads.

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Find Your Motivation

Stay motivated with MedalMad virtual fitness and running challenges.

You can earn amazing medals, reward points and much more.

Find the incentive, the motivation and the support to reach your goals at MedalMad.

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virtual running app

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How to complete a Virtual Challenge?

MedalMad challenges can be completed by running, walking, swimming, cycling, rolling, rowing or using cardio equipment at home or in the gym.

You can break down the challenge into smaller parts and track your challenge as you go.

Once you have joined the virtual challenge you will find an upload/submission section in your My Challenges page on the website and app. 

You can upload images of tracking apps, race results, images of dashboards on cardio equipment, images of a running or fitness watch.


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MedalMad APP

-Our app is all about support, motivation and community. Find motivation and support from the amazing community and the MedalMad team

- Manage your account via the app

- Track your challenges and submit evidence
- Track reward points and achievement badges
- Follow friends progress
- Message words of support
- Access support groups for challenges
- Access to rewards shop
- Race pages for those competitive challenges

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More than Just amazing Medals

Join 1000's of challengers all around the world reaching their running and fitness goals.

We have amazing medals but you can also earn so much more. Profile badges, reward points, member rewards, finisher tops, well done cards, certificates, free downloads and much more.

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Happy Virtual Challengers

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9 months to a half marathon
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Over the past 9 months I have been working up to running a half marathon. Today I completed it it in 2hrs and 51 mins. The MedalMad challenges have really kept me going through my C25K journey a year ago and my half marathon training. I love them. I cant believe I have actually done it.

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Kept Me Going
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Well these medals have really kept me going over the last five months. I was discharged in July after a five year hospital admission. It's been very difficult getting back into normal life. But having these to concentrate on has really helped me to keep motivated, keep going and boosted my mood on bad days.

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In Only a Few Months
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A few short months ago the thought of doing 5K seemed beyond me. A goals I didn't think I'd reach easily. So I pushed ...and I did it. The a 10k, then a 12k. And then my first marathon.

Thank you so much to MedalMad and the community for helping me improve my health and fitness to achieve something I never thought I would be capable of doing.

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Pushed Myself
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Cam home to these beautiful medals. I pushed myself and the full 15K and I was extremely proud of the time. I only really started running during the 1st Lockdown to help with my mental health. I done 3 challenges last week and have started now running 5K before a weight workout 5 times a week.

Taking Part in Virtual Challenges and Runs

You can run, walk, swim, roll, use cardio equipment or cycle to complete MedalMad virtual challenges. You'll probably want the app for more motivation and support along your fitness journey as it is a great tool to keep you on track! We also have great features like progress bars so that you're able to track your challenge and follow friends challenge progress - it's all about getting results with SMART fitness goals.


Join 10'000's of Virtual Challengers From Around the World


Why MedalMad?

Free App - Live Race Results - Membership Rewards - Amazing Medals - Bonus Downloads - Reward Points- Excellent Support

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