How many MedalMad challenges do you take on at a time? We have so many amazing medals, choosing a race or one of our anytime challenges can be really tricky!  

If you purchase more than one of the same medal in an order, by changing the quantity - only one challenge will show on your account - but the evidence you submit will release how ever many you purchased. 

If you have bought multiple challenges for the same month we often get asked if you can use the same evidence against more than one of your challenges , this is fine we do accept this - we would obviously prefer you to go out and complete each challenge individually, but realise this is not always possible. 

Life gets in the way! 

It's worth mentioning that when you take on any of our big challenges or multi distance bundles you can use all your evidence to work toward the whole bundle - for example - using your 50K evidence toward your 100K , and then your 100K toward your 500K and so on.