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The Dr MedalMad Virtual Race Medal is Here!!

 We are delighted to be able to show you our latest in our double sided book inspired medals. We love the quote on this medal and we hope you do to. This race is a 10K challenge. One you can do as a personal goal or race against others via the MedalMad app. You can of course complete this as a virtual runner, walker, cyclist or swimmer. Check ...
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June Challenges for 2019

So in June we have a whole range of virtual races for you with some amazing medals to make part of your virtual medal collection. Are you looking for a virtual 5K? Then why not try our Over the wall 5KM of You've Got a Friend 5KM virtual races. See images below of these amazing medals. So you can take on these virtual races as a personal goal ...
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MedalMad App Update 2.0

We are delighted to announce the release of this major update, version 2.0. The app has some major changes behind the scenes. We have made some great improvements to the tracker. After weeks of testing on hundreds of runs we are confident that this tracker is now as accurate as any major fitness or running app. Which is a major achievements&nb...
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The Gauntlet Medal is Here!!!!!

We have been so excited waiting for this medal to arrive. We are not disappointed as it is one of our biggest medals yet. A total of 60KM is needed to earn the complete medal. 10KM for the medal and then 10KM for each of the stones. To complete this virtual race you can run, walk, swim or cycle. You can also use the gym as well. We have had 15...
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April Virtual Races Evidence Deadline

Please do not forget if you are taking part in any April virtual race or virtual challenge you need to have submitted your evidence by midnight this Tuesday (30th of April. Late evidence may not be accepted.SUBMIT YOUR EVIDENCEOnce you have completed your evidence submissions it will be time to sign up to your next May or even J...
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Partnering Up With Pulseroll on Our Virtual races

We are delighted to have partnered with Pulseroll to bring you more reasons to take a MedalMad virtual race. If you sign up to any remaining April challenge or one for May and complete your challenge you will be entered into the a FREE draw, one entry for every challenge, to win a Pulseroll Vibrating Foam Roller (RRP £114). Howe...
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Race the Express and Jungle Miles Amazing Medals

 So #medalmonday for us is just the best when we have new medal samples come in to the MedalMad office. Today we have had two that we have been looking forward to seeing. the Race the Express 9 3/4 challenge and the Jungle Miles 13.1 miles challenge. Both medals look amazing. The detail in the Jungle Miles is great. We knew it would look good ...
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Please Update Your App to the Latest Version

​Please can you make sure you have the latest app installed on your phone. After the awful iOS 12.2 was released by Apple full of bugs we had to find a fix for our app. We also improved the way the app stores and sends your data for all users. So please make sure there is not an update in the App or Play Store, waiting to be installed,We ...
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Monday Motivation 01/04/2019

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New Medals for Upcoming Virtual Races

Have you signed up to any of these yet? Check out the samples which have just arrived in the office today. The Go the Distance may be out biggest medal to date. We have our Runzilla 10KM, Over the Wall 5KM and the Go the Distance 20KM.
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2 Mega Virtual Challenges

​We have released two big virtual challenges for 2019. Due to the demand for longer challenges we have added to our board game inspired challenges.We have our Run the Board 225km and the Who Dunnit 324km. Who can work out why the distances have been chosen for these virtual challenges? We are not looking at these as virtual race...
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March Hare 3KM Kids Virtual Race

We are delighted to release our latest virtual race for kids. This 3km virtual race has been inspired by a classic book and we do hope you like the design. To complete this virtual race you will need to run, walk, cycle, swim or cycle the 3km distance. It can be done in parts so it can be completed by kids of all ages. Once they have comp...
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The Gauntlet 60km Virtual Race

Our latest challenge is the Gauntlet 60km virtual race. This virtual race consists of 6 virtual 10km challenges. You can walk, run, cycle, swim or use the gym to complete this challenge. So in this virtual race you will need to complete all six sections to make the medal complete. You will receive one 10km stone to add to your medal....
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How to Take Part in the London Marathon in a Virtual Race

Taking on a marathon whether it is a virtual marathon or a real one can be challenging. What may make it that bit easier is a virtual run medal that is awesome. We believe we have created the most amazing virtual marathon medal. In fact we have created 6 amazing virtual run medals for the 6 world major marathons. Either way running a marathon is ha...
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How to Be a Virtual Runner with MedalMad

Being a virtual runner with Medalmad is so easy. You can join via our website and then download out app. The app makes being a virtual runner simple and even more enjoyable. You can complete your virtual runs by tracking your progress on the app. With an easy to use interface you can make sure you never miss out on a medal for completing one of you...
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MedalMad Virtual Races and Challenge App Update

 We are delighted to release our latest MedalMad app update. The MedalMad app makes being a virtual runner and challenger so easy. Our latest app update includes the following; Log out button for users with multiple accountsImprovements to stats page and great new membership perksChanges to the way the app stores data, so no more lost inf...
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10k Virtual Races with MedalMad

​The 10K (6.2 miles) distance is very popular with MedalMad runners, especially those who have done a 5K (3.1 miles) race but don't feel they're quite ready to take on the half-marathon (13.1 miles). It is the distance that has the 60 minute marker that everyone aims for. Our 10k Virtual races are a great way to build up your running distances. You...
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Virtual 5K with Amazing Medals

 We love creating 5k virtual races with an amazing medal. The reason we have more 5k challenges than others is that it can be taken on by a wide range of challengers. As with most of our challenges you can do it in parts so they work as a great reward for those taking on a couch to 5k programme. The medal can also be earned by those ...
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Virtual Runs and Challenges Released with Bigger Distances

Here are a few of the virtual runs and challenges we have released this month. We have listened to the feedback and we have increased the range of distances. See our latest virtual runs and challenges below with some amazing themes. We already ave our 50, 100, 500 and 1000km challenges for the year. So now we have added a couple of 200-400km c...
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