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It's Our Birthday and We Will Run if We Want to!

Its our 3rd Birthday on the 10th of June, it is crazy we know. Since June 2016 MedalMad has grown to being one of the biggest online running and fitness communities. With members from over 20 countries and 25,000 current registered members in total we are so humbled by how quick we have grown.In 3 years we have had over 40,000 p...
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Two New Virtual Race Medals Have Arrived

We have had two new virtual medals arrive in the MedalMad HQ. The two medals look amazing but are quite different. One is a virtual 5k and one is a virtual half marathon. You can of course complete the virtual half marathon in parts. So is it the Fantastic 5k or the Wonder Half that will get you active? Which challenge will make you ...
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Virtual Runners, Walkers, Cyclists and Swimmers From All Around the World

 MedalMad has continued to grow in 2019 with 1000's of virtual runners, virtual walkers, virtual cyclists and virtual swimmers taking part in our challenges. We also have a number of members who take on challenges using gym equipment. The growth has been amazing and overwhelming. One thing that does excite us is to virtual runners taking part ...
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Scream If You Want to Run Faster 10KM Virtual Race

​It has been a long time coming but we have now finally launched our fist challenge with an optional finisher tech t-shirt. The Scream if You Want to Run Faster 10KM is the perfect challenge to launch this new option on. Maybe one more for the virtual runners out there but of course you can run, walk, cycle or swim this challenge. To add the t...
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The Dr MedalMad Virtual Race Medal is Here!!

 We are delighted to be able to show you our latest in our double sided book inspired medals. We love the quote on this medal and we hope you do to. This race is a 10K challenge. One you can do as a personal goal or race against others via the MedalMad app. You can of course complete this as a virtual runner, walker, cyclist or swimmer. Check ...
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June Challenges for 2019

So in June we have a whole range of virtual races for you with some amazing medals to make part of your virtual medal collection. Are you looking for a virtual 5K? Then why not try our Over the wall 5KM of You've Got a Friend 5KM virtual races. See images below of these amazing medals. So you can take on these virtual races as a personal goal ...
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MedalMad App Update 2.0

We are delighted to announce the release of this major update, version 2.0. The app has some major changes behind the scenes. We have made some great improvements to the tracker. After weeks of testing on hundreds of runs we are confident that this tracker is now as accurate as any major fitness or running app. Which is a major achievements&nb...
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The Gauntlet Medal is Here!!!!!

We have been so excited waiting for this medal to arrive. We are not disappointed as it is one of our biggest medals yet. A total of 60KM is needed to earn the complete medal. 10KM for the medal and then 10KM for each of the stones. To complete this virtual race you can run, walk, swim or cycle. You can also use the gym as well. We have had 15...
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April Virtual Races Evidence Deadline

Please do not forget if you are taking part in any April virtual race or virtual challenge you need to have submitted your evidence by midnight this Tuesday (30th of April. Late evidence may not be accepted.SUBMIT YOUR EVIDENCEOnce you have completed your evidence submissions it will be time to sign up to your next May or even J...
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Partnering Up With Pulseroll on Our Virtual races

We are delighted to have partnered with Pulseroll to bring you more reasons to take a MedalMad virtual race. If you sign up to any remaining April challenge or one for May and complete your challenge you will be entered into the a FREE draw, one entry for every challenge, to win a Pulseroll Vibrating Foam Roller (RRP £114). Howe...
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Race the Express and Jungle Miles Amazing Medals

 So #medalmonday for us is just the best when we have new medal samples come in to the MedalMad office. Today we have had two that we have been looking forward to seeing. the Race the Express 9 3/4 challenge and the Jungle Miles 13.1 miles challenge. Both medals look amazing. The detail in the Jungle Miles is great. We knew it would look good ...
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Please Update Your App to the Latest Version

​Please can you make sure you have the latest app installed on your phone. After the awful iOS 12.2 was released by Apple full of bugs we had to find a fix for our app. We also improved the way the app stores and sends your data for all users. So please make sure there is not an update in the App or Play Store, waiting to be installed,We ...
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Monday Motivation 01/04/2019

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New Medals for Upcoming Virtual Races

Have you signed up to any of these yet? Check out the samples which have just arrived in the office today. The Go the Distance may be out biggest medal to date. We have our Runzilla 10KM, Over the Wall 5KM and the Go the Distance 20KM.
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2 Mega Virtual Challenges

​We have released two big virtual challenges for 2019. Due to the demand for longer challenges we have added to our board game inspired challenges.We have our Run the Board 225km and the Who Dunnit 324km. Who can work out why the distances have been chosen for these virtual challenges? We are not looking at these as virtual race...
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March Hare 3KM Kids Virtual Race

We are delighted to release our latest virtual race for kids. This 3km virtual race has been inspired by a classic book and we do hope you like the design. To complete this virtual race you will need to run, walk, cycle, swim or cycle the 3km distance. It can be done in parts so it can be completed by kids of all ages. Once they have comp...
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The Gauntlet 60km Virtual Race

Our latest challenge is the Gauntlet 60km virtual race. This virtual race consists of 6 virtual 10km challenges. You can walk, run, cycle, swim or use the gym to complete this challenge. So in this virtual race you will need to complete all six sections to make the medal complete. You will receive one 10km stone to add to your medal....
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How to Take Part in the London Marathon in a Virtual Race

Taking on a marathon whether it is a virtual marathon or a real one can be challenging. What may make it that bit easier is a virtual run medal that is awesome. We believe we have created the most amazing virtual marathon medal. In fact we have created 6 amazing virtual run medals for the 6 world major marathons. Either way running a marathon is ha...
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How to Be a Virtual Runner with MedalMad

Being a virtual runner with Medalmad is so easy. You can join via our website and then download out app. The app makes being a virtual runner simple and even more enjoyable. You can complete your virtual runs by tracking your progress on the app. With an easy to use interface you can make sure you never miss out on a medal for completing one of you...
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MedalMad Virtual Races and Challenge App Update

 We are delighted to release our latest MedalMad app update. The MedalMad app makes being a virtual runner and challenger so easy. Our latest app update includes the following; Log out button for users with multiple accountsImprovements to stats page and great new membership perksChanges to the way the app stores data, so no more lost inf...
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10k Virtual Races with MedalMad

​The 10K (6.2 miles) distance is very popular with MedalMad runners, especially those who have done a 5K (3.1 miles) race but don't feel they're quite ready to take on the half-marathon (13.1 miles). It is the distance that has the 60 minute marker that everyone aims for. Our 10k Virtual races are a great way to build up your running distances. You...
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Virtual 5K with Amazing Medals

 We love creating 5k virtual races with an amazing medal. The reason we have more 5k challenges than others is that it can be taken on by a wide range of challengers. As with most of our challenges you can do it in parts so they work as a great reward for those taking on a couch to 5k programme. The medal can also be earned by those ...
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Virtual Runs and Challenges Released with Bigger Distances

Here are a few of the virtual runs and challenges we have released this month. We have listened to the feedback and we have increased the range of distances. See our latest virtual runs and challenges below with some amazing themes. We already ave our 50, 100, 500 and 1000km challenges for the year. So now we have added a couple of 200-400km c...
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Benefits of Running for Kids and Virtual Challenges

There are many benefits for kids to start running. These can be looked at as social, physical and emotional. Of course one of the best ways to get kids to start is by virtual challenges. Kids virtual challenges can provide that extra bit of extrinsic motivation that kids might need to get out and be active.Social Though running is a solo sport...
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Tokyo Marathon Virtual Challenge

When I saw that the Tokyo marathon was included this year as part of the monopoly board theme for the marathon series I had to sign up to complete the set. I decided to use the ½ Marathon I was doing in Germany in June and the Valencia ½ Marathon in October for the miles for this challenge. The ½ in Germany is a great event that takes place running...
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Will Run for GIN!

​Like many of you, I enjoy a few drinks every now and then - It's OK in moderation, right?Plus Gin is so trendy at the moment.What's not to love with this challenge: Gin + Running = MedalI was lucky to secure a place in the ever popular Wakehurst Willow 8k, a delightful (if rather underlatung) run through National Trust gardens in West Sussex.It to...
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MedalMad Launches a Free Virtual Challenge

Its nearly time for New Year's resolutions, but what makes them nearly all fail? Well we think it's partly accountability. So MedalMad have set up a free challenge to keep you focused. More importantly you can decide what the challenge is for 2019. Now it needs to be a big challenge over the year of 2019. The rules are simple. You must complet...
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Staying Active As a Family

Over the last few months I have been training regularly with my 9 year old son, Jack, the main focus being strength and conditioning. My son is a sporty lad who enjoys taking part in team sports and competitions at school and trains hard in martial arts out of school, which he does with my husband.Myself being a regular gym user, Jack, has been kee...
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Why MedalMad is More Than Just Running

We have always had people ask if they can take our challenges but complete them by other means than running. Walking, swimming and cycling are the most popular alternatives to running. We still see ourselves as a virtual running community and we are proud of all our virtual runners who take on any challenge. But we see ourselves as more than j...
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Meet the Team: Zoe (Business Support Manager for MedalMad and Active Connections)

I wasn't a sporty teenager, I didn't engage in PE lessons at school or physical activities out of school. The crowd I hung out with back then were the same as me and during my secondary school years I became self-conscious, as are many teenage girls, which made me even less of a willing participant in sport at school. If I had engaged during these ...
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Virtual Running for Kids

​MedalKids was set up due to the demand for challenges for the younger runners out there. But our aim is not to develop runners for the future, its not even really to help develop running kids. Our aim is to help children to love to be active, to explore the world around them and develop confidence through being active. It is these factors tha...
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The Running Hat Virtual Run

The Running Hat Virtual run is a challenge for 2019. A total of 50km has to be completed to earn the medal and all the tie charms.  The challenge can be completed by running, walking or cycling. Challenges can also be done in parts and broken down to a level that suits medal and each tie of this virtual run is earned by completing 10...
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A Fabulous Great South Run

Living in Portsmouth, it's always been an ambition of mine to run the Great South. Over the years I watched it on the TV and said... "next year".​ Well this was the year. I've now been running for 16 months so thought that it was the best time to do it. A few weeks ago I did a half marathon, and, if one more person says to me 10 miles is easy if yo...
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Girl Power!

I'm a big fan of the Spice Girls. I have fond memories of dancing around in the living film with my sister and a couple of our friends. I think we may even have done a performance in assembly once! Anyway, the less said about that the better lol. I've decided running is a bit like the Spice Girls:Scary - that moment when everyone starts crossing th...
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Three Quarters Of The way There!

I'm sure you'll all agree that the mental aspect to running can be as challenging as the physical side, sometimes harder. If you've read my other blog post about the Disney medals you'll know that this is number 3 of a set of 4. That's 75% of them are mine and just 25% to go. That would seem like I've done most of the hard work and only got a bit m...
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I Did Berlin Too!!!

 I did Berlin too!!!So in the month that Eliud Kipchoge set not only his own personal best but also a world record, I too was setting my own marathon best. And I got a nice shiny Berlin themed medal for it too.I've never ran a marathon (my first one will be London 2019) but I am now two thirds of the way to completing a set of virtual marathon...
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Going Underground.

A little running event took place in London in April. I've followed it on TV since I was young and have been up to watch it live a few times. Yes, of course I am talking about The London Marathon. Like so many others, so far my ballot entry has been rejected, so when I saw that Medalmad were doing a London Underground Marathon Medal I signed up and...
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Your Running Motivation

Motivation is one of the mysteries of the world. It is a fluid, variable and fluctuating part of us. What motivates us changes every day, week, month and year. What motivated us in our teens would probably not be so high on our agenda now, well maybe for some. Or what will motivates us in the future will not be what motivates us right now.The first...
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How Running Helped - By Nicki (Mrs MedalMad)

Many of us will have seen or heard people talk about how running 'keeps them sane' or that they would 'go crazy' without it. There is also scientific evidence that agrees! Running does have a positive impact on mental health.The science says that running releases the happy hormones called endorphins, which help us feel good. I'm sure I'm not alone ...
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New Medal Release, Plantar Fasciitis and Rhythm of Running

This week we are looking at injury and how to cope with it, check out the blog post from our very own Mike who is struggling with injury at the moment. We have a new medal release and some important information for the parents on the benefits of running.MedalMad TeamRunning with Plantar Fasciitis I have to admit I am not one of those that needs a g...
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New App and Website Updates Coming Soon

We are always constantly working to improve the experience for our community. And it is our community that have shaped the new features coming up on the website and the app.The new additions to the website are small but will help make it clear when challenges sell out. We often get people saying they did not know, and can they join. But when a chal...
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A Marathon In Prep For A Marathon!

Well, July has been a busy month for me. As a teacher it has meant the end of the school year (yeay!), we have had 7 family birthdays including my own and, I got some HUGE news. I am going to be running the London Marathon 2019. Like so many others, I have entered the open ballot but I also applied for a charity place as it is a charity close to my...
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1st Of A New Set!

My initial reason for signing up to a virtual race was to help keep me motivated during my training runs. To help me to meet set distances in training and to go out in the wind and rain when I really didn't want to (as a runner you will know exactly what I mean!!!)The first race I ever signed up for was the Harry Potter House medals. I loved that f...
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The One with the Medal

Could I BE any happier?Things I love:1.Friends (the TV show)2.Running3.Medals4.10K distanceThis medal ticks all of the above points. Whilst out running my 10K to earn this medal, I made sure the Friends theme tune was on my playlist – had to be done right?!ØA kilometer for each season – geniusØA medal that looks like the Central Perk sign – perfect...
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Run, Forrest, Run

 Forrest Gump is known as many things, one of them for being an ultra marathoner. I'd signed up for the Run, Forest, Run 10km medal but due to my lost mojo recently it wasn't my greatest triumph! I've been doing a bit of background reading about the Forrest Gump film and found this fascinating article about whether his run, that took 3 ye...
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Running is like a box of chocolates

I'm pretty confident in thinking that any runner will agree that there are a range of run types. Some are amazing, others are awful from start to finish. You get your PB runs and then the ones where you question why you even run at all. We run in the glorious sunshine and the horrific wind and rain. The snow, the dark, the sun, up hills, through fi...
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"A goal without a plan is just a wish"

Recently, I've been having a wobble with regards to my running. When I'm out there doing it, I still love it, but I've been lacking the motivation to get out there in the first place. Throughout March, my longest run has been 5km which is very unlike me not to run further, and I've been taking plenty of walk breaks which is also unlike me on shorte...
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Fairy tale series; Part 3 of 4

 Whilst running for my 3rd of the Fairy Tale Series medals, I spent the 5K thinking about why I run. Here are 14 of the reasons that went through my head:Because I've got all the gear!Eating guilt free after a long run.Food - oh wait, I've already covered that one!One run can change a bad day to a good one.Races - practice makes me better at t...
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Look like a beauty run like a beast challenge

This was the 2nd of the Medalmad Fairytale series. The previous was the Mirror Mirror challenge and both were 5K.If you've seen any of my previous blogs you'll know that for me.. Parkrun and fancy dress go hand in hand. So why not dress as the hulk as part of the Tilgate Parkrun Superhero event to mark our 300th Parkrun. It was amazing running alon...
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Running Buddies

 Hi All, This post I am going to write about running buddies..more specifically my two year old running buddy. I started running when my little boy was six months old and he came with me every week to running club. He even got good at wiggling his feet when we were warming up. When he was a dink he used to sleep about ten minutes into the run ...
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Before Midnight: A Modern Fairytale.

Enter your text here ...Once upon a time there was a girl named Runderella who just loved to run. She wanted to complete a Medal Mad virtual challenge and earn a medal called 'Before Midnight.' Alas, she was unable to, as her trainers were old and worn; they kept threatening to injure her each each time she wore them out on a run. Whatever would sh...
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​Heyyou guys…. Cheers!

So Craig has already asked our horse Hercules to write a Medalmad guest blog, so it's only fair that his wife gets to do one now.I'm Melissa, 'trouble and strife' of Craig - your usual blogger.The first reason I wanted to write this blog was firstly because Craig bought me the 'Hey you Guys' 10K Medalmad Challenge for my Birthday, and the second re...
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These Girls Can Run The World

When I saw this challenge I thought it was just a 'girls only' event but like all things at Medalmad they are always inclusive! In fact if you are regular reader, you'll remember that even my horse Hercules has taken part in one of the challenges (and even wrote the blog). That one was meant to be about running with your dog (I don't have one), but...
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The Pursuit Challenge 13.1M Section

 It seems that I Just can't say no.Every new challenge Medalmad launch - I want to take part in.So, when I saw the Pursuit Challenge - it just had to be done. I'm not running a marathon this year, and to be honest I am really enjoying just staying half marathon fit. One of the halves in my diary this year, (after thoroughly enjoying it last ye...
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Emerald City

 My last blog was about some steps back I had while training for the London Marathon. I explained how after a few weeks of taking it easy and doing some cross training, my shin splint was able to heal. Which brings me onto my next challenge. I had a 10km race booked three weeks after my shin splint had caused me problems. Having not ran v...
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My Running Journey So Far

​Hi all. I'm Becky, a Brand Ambassador for Medal Mad. I thought I'd recap on my running journey so far, as I know that we have had lots of new members joining Medal Mad since the National Running Show in January.I completed the Couch to 5k program in April 2016 with the view that I would run the entire 5km distance in the Race for Life run I'd ente...
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