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Jingle All the Way to Christmas 2019

 The Christmas break is fast approaching and many of us will be looking forward to celebrating with friends and family, drinking and eating all of our favourite things, snuggling up on the sofa and watching festive films that take us back to the days of our childhood. But how many of us keep up with our regular running / fitness regime over th...
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Black Friday Sale

 Welcome to our Black Friday Sale for 2019. One of our biggest sales of the year, designed to help you finish 2019 strong and set up a great start to 2020. We have some many new features to MedalMad which will make taking your virtual challenges with us the number 1 choice. Apart from the already amazing medals, excellent speedy serv...
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The Perfect Christmas Gifts for Runners!

Are you stumped as to what to get for the runner in your life this Christmas? Well look no further! Here is our Top 10 gifts for runners this Christmas, to suit all budgets (or maybe add these ideas to your Christmas wish list?!) . SOCKS – runners always need socks (well who doesn't?! where the flip do they go?!). There are many running socks on th...
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MedalKids Challenge Review!

Amelia and Jesse are so happy that they have their new medals from MedalMad they absolutely love them.Amelia had to run 3k to earn her medal and certificate. She really loves her Mad as a March Hare 3k medal. Jesse had to run 5k to earn his medal and certificate, he absolutely loves his You got a friend 5k medal.We love MedalMad ...
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Stretching, Do You Make Time?

Why is stretching good for Runners?We all know that we should stretch after exercise, that it's good for us, but we are also all guilty of going for a long run and then 'not having time' or 'forgetting' to do our stretches afterwards. So just how important is stretching for runners and how often should we stretch? Stretching is good for everyone, b...
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Baby It's Cold Outside

​Baby its cold outside -who wants to go out running?!Are the shorter days and the cold, wet weather making you ditch your trainers and instead snuggle up on the sofa in your pj's with a nice mug of steaming hot chocolate and binge watch that latest hit TV series? Who could blame you?! It's that time of year that we all start to feel like hibernatin...
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FAQ - Joining Multiple Challenges

How many MedalMad challenges do you take on at a time? We have so many amazing medals, choosing a race or one of our anytime challenges can be really tricky!  If you purchase more than one of the same medal in an order, by changing the quantity - only one challenge will show on your account - but the evidence you submit will rel...
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October Races Results

We hope you all had a great October of being active. Whether you ran, walked, cycled, used the gym or swam we hope your challenge kept you motivated.  See below the top of the running race results for Wings of Transformation, Scream if You Want to Run Faster, The Strength of the Wolf and So Serious.Check out the app for more res...
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November's Virtual Challenges

​Can you believe that it is November already!?! One big clue is that is colder and so much darker. Finding the motivation to get out and reach your running and fitness goals can be challenging. So this may be the time to find that extra bit of motivation. This month we have some amazing challenges with awesome medals. Check out which one may g...
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Darker Nights

Autumn is now upon on us and we will soon be in the grips of winter. With the days becoming shorter and the nights becoming longer many of us will soon be struggling to fit in our miles during daylight hours. When out in the dark we all need to take more care to ensure that we stay safe whilst walking, running and cycling. Read on for the MedalMad ...
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New Virtual Races for May and One for June 2020

 We have launched two new virtual races for May and One for June 2020. Early bird £10 for the first 50 challengers.You can take on these challenges as virtual runners, walkers, cyclists, swimmers and even in the gym. You can of course take on these virtual races in parts and work your way up.So take a look at these new design an...
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The MedalMad Shelf to 5k ‘How To’ Guide

Here are our suggestions on how to use our Shelf to 5k medal challenge with your Elf on the Shelf;​Decide when you would like to complete the challenge with your child and if this will be done in parts or in one go. It might be a good idea to check the weather forecast in advance!Print off our LETTER FROM ELF and ELF COLOURING TRACKER sheet from th...
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So here are a few of my medals, most are from MedalMad! And a few from the great north run and other achievements - 13.1 miles is a long way all in one go!I put my trainers on for the 1st time January 2018, the whole new year new me bull we tell ourselves, haha!I signed up for a challenge where I pledge to do so many miles that month...
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Movement of the Month - Deadlifts

Strength training is important to help improve your running ability; it helps improve your power, flexibility and stability whilst also helping to prevent injury.The deadlift strengthens the glutes and hamstrings whilst also strengthening the posteria chain – great for runner's stability, overall strength and injury prevention – creating an upright...
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New Virtual Races for April 2020

 We have launched three new virtual races for April 2020. You can take on these challenges as virtual runners, walkers, cyclists, swimmers and even in the gym. We have tried to cover a wide range of virtual race distances including a 5KM, 10KM and a bit longer 10 mile race. You can of course take on these virtual races in parts and w...
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FAQ - Can I do A MedalMad Challenge In Parts?

​Here at MedalMad we have challenges ranging from 5K all the way up to 1000 miles, now unless you are superhuman, 1000 miles in one go is a bit of an ask...!We allow challengers to submit evidence in parts for all of our challenges - whether it is a 5k, Marathon or 1000 miles, challenges can be done at your pace and split in to as ma...
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MedalMad Membership for 2020

 Set up 2020 for your best year of running and fitness.Join us on our monthly target challenges and earn your FREE, BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD personalised medals, perhaps even more. You can also earn you member stars from doing any of our challenges.Select your distance for each month by using the dropdown below. Select first 6 (Jan to June) for...
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Win a Garmin Forerunner 235 in Our Vlog or Blog Challenge

 Looking for a new running watch to set you up for 2020?Then why not enter our competition to be in with a chance of winning a Garmin Forerunner 235 and £60 of MedalMad vouchers.To enter simply vlog or blog (with pictures) a MedalMad challenge, from start to finish. It can be any challenge that you are doing. We would like you to be as cr...
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September 2019 Virtual Race Results

Check out two of September's virtual race results. You can find the further results and other races from September and now October in the app under Race Results.Well done to everyone who completed the races and an extra well done to those who managed to get to the top of the table.  October Races
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End of September Beginning of October

 As the month draws to an end we hope you have reached your goals this month. Se below for what virtual races and challenges are coming up next month, what is closing on Monday and what is selling quick. We have some great challenges for you!Closing Soon   Starting Soon Selling Quick
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