Juranji Marathon 2021 (Aug)
Juranji Marathon 2021 (Aug)
Juranji Marathon 2021 (Aug)
Juranji Marathon 2021 (Aug)

Juranji Marathon 2021 (Aug)

In the jungle you must wait... until the dice reads five or eight! Take on our Junranji 26.2 miles virtual race in 2021. See if you can beat the board and make it to the end of the race. One of our biggest and most detailed medal.

Entry Includes;

  1. Large Juranji Doublesided medal with raised element.
  2. 10 Reward Points - to use of the MedalMad shop or on future challenges
  3. Monthly well done card/certificate
  4. Profile Badge

Medals will go out from the 1st working day in August and evidence must be submitted by the end of the 31st of August 2021You can submit your evidence vai the My Challenges page on the MedalMad app or the website.



(Inc. VAT)

Product Delivery Cost
UK - Free
Europe - £5.00
Rest of World - £6.00


Challenge Ends on the 31st August.

Challenge starts on the 01st August. You can submit evidence early but medals are not sent out till this date.
Calendar Icon 74 Days Remaining
Running Man Icon 26 Challengers Joined
Calendar Icon 248 Places Remaining

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How Can I Complete a Challenge?

MedalMad challenges can be completed by running, walking, swimming, cycling, rolling, rowing or using cardio equipment at home or in the gym. You can break down the challenge into smaller parts and track your challenge as you go.

How Long Do I Have to Complete a Challenge?

Please make sure you have read the specific details of a challenge above. It will state when a challenge goes live, though you can submit evidence early, and when the deadline is to submit evidence. Evidence submitted after the deadline is not sent to the team to process. So you may miss out on your medal and a late evidence form will need to be completed if you do miss a deadline.

Where Can I Submit Evidence?

Please submit your evidence via the My Challenge in the MedalMad app or on the website.

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