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Medalkids Supersmash Pin Pack
Medalkids Supersmash Pin Pack

Medalkids Supersmash Pin Pack

Welcome to the MedalKids Supersmash pin challenge. This challenge includes 4 distance challenges. A 1KM, a 2KM, a 3KM and a 4KM. A total of 10KM to be completed to earn the supersmash medal. Each distance is rewarded with a pin. The reward pack with medal and all pins is sent out once the final 4KM pin has been completed. Taking part in a MedalKids challenge is easy and fun for kids. Just download the MedalMad app and sign in to yours or their MedalKids account. They can use the inbuilt tracker to record their walks, runs, cycles and scoots, so no having to share yours. MedalKids challenges run on an annual basis and you have till the end of 2019 to complete this challenge. So if you want your kids to be a virtual runner just like you, or perhaps just enjoy family walks more then MedalKids challenge is for you. Distance can be done in parts. Evidence must be submitted to claim the rewards. All rewards are sent out once 4KM pin has been completed.



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Registration Closes on the 12th December.

Evidence must be uploaded to your account by the 31st December

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