The Olympian Challenge Series

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Olympian Medal Challenge
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Harness the power of the Gods with the MedalMad Olympian challenges. 12 challenges in the series to help you reach your running and fitness goals.

Each challenge has its own stunning double sided medals which come with the route you complete and the year you completed it in. 

Which Olympian will you complete first? Travel from the Acropolis to a famous temple, sanctuary or palace in honour of the Olympian. Unlock factual milestones as you go to learn more about your Olympian.

Once you sign up access the MedalMad app to track your challenge. You can also follow friends, accept supporters, unlock digital rewards and much more. You can take on this challenge with friends around the world.

Entry includes;

  1. Chosen Olympian Challenge Medal
  2. Interactive Challenge Map
  3. Milestones
  4. Well Done Congratulations card
  5. Olympian Card
  6. Olympian Profile Badge
  7. Access to the MedalMad App
  8. 10 Reward Points

You can run, row, cycle, swim, walk or roll your way to your amazing medal. You can even do a combination of all, or any. Submit your evidence in KMs, Miles or Steps.

Take on the challenge with a friend or friends and connect in the MedalMad app. Receive challenge updates as you each progress along the route. You can see each other on your own private progress bar or if you share your race numbers on the public interactive challenge map.

Send words of motivation and emojis all through the MedalMad app. Stay connected via your challenges, wherever you are in the world.

Check out the example virtual map below and check out all 12 of the medals.

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Olympians Virtual
Fitness Challenges

12 Amazing Double Sided Medals.
From 10KM to 300 KM
Run, walk, swim, cycle, roll or row.
Save 25% when add 6 to your basket

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12 Olympian Medals

- 12 Challenges from 10Km to 300 KM
- Real Life Routes

- Interactive Challenge Maps
- Stunning Double Sided Medals
- Link with your friends and share progress
- Earn reward points and profile badges
- Motivation has never been so easy
- Worldwide shipping
- Harness the power of the Gods

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Why Join MedalMad

Use our virtual challenges to achieve your S.M.A.R.T goals. With specific, measurable, achievable, recordable and timely goals you can achieve the outcome you are looking for. We offer amazing medals for virtual runs, walk, cycles, rowing and much more.
- Great Virtual Community
- Excellent Customer Support
- Worldwide Community
- Free App - to complete your virtual runs
- Reward Points
- Profile Badges
- Finisher tops, extra rewards
- Free Downloads

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Why Join MedalMad?
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Taking on a challenge can be a great way to stay motivated and focused on achieving your fitness goals. Having a specific goal to work towards can help you stay on track and avoid losing momentum.

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Many MedalMad challenges are social, meaning you can connect with other participants who are working towards the same goal as you. This can provide a sense of camaraderie and support, which can be particularly helpful if you are new to fitness or are struggling to stay motivated.

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When you sign up for a MedalMad challenge, you are committing to a specific goal and timeline. This can help hold you accountable and give you a sense of responsibility to follow through with your commitment.

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Participating in a MedalMad challenge can be a fun and rewarding experience. There is often a sense of excitement and anticipation that comes with working towards a goal, and completing the challenge can give you a sense of pride and accomplishment.

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Depending on the nature of the challenge, taking on a MedalMad challenge can have significant health benefits. For example, a running challenge can improve your cardiovascular fitness, while a yoga challenge can improve your flexibility and reduce stress.