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The Birthday Cake 2020 5KM Challenge

The Birthday Cake 2020 5KM Challenge

Welcome to the MedalMad Birthday Cake 5KM challenge. You can take on this 5KM challenge and earn your medal. You can also have it personalised with your first name (that is on your account when evidence is submitted) or have leave it engraved with 5KM. Please select your choice using the dropdown below.

The medals will be availble to be sent out from the 1st of August 2020. You then have untill the end of the year to complete the challenge.

You can run, walk, swim, cycle and use cardio gym equipment. You can do the 5KM in parts and use the MedalMad app to track your progress and upload your account.




(Inc. VAT)

Registration Closes on the 13th November.

Evidence must be uploaded to your account by the 31st December

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