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The Gauntlet 60km Virtual Challenge
The Gauntlet 60km Virtual Challenge

The Gauntlet 60km Virtual Challenge

New Release Offer save £5 before the 18th of March. Challenge will be £30.00 after this date. This will be one of our biggest medals ever. With 6 parts to this challenge there is enough motivation to keep you running, walking, cycling, swimming or using the gym for months. The Gauntlet challenge has 6 10k challenges. The 1st 10km is the medal, then the other 5 10k's are the stones. Submit evidence to claim each part and they will arrive separately in the post. Best to start with the medal. So complete your medal to show you have control of your universe. This challenge will start in August 2019, medals will start going out on the 1st of August and all evidence must be submitted by the end of December 2019. Late evidence may not be accepted. Evidence can be submitted early.



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Registration Closes on the 29th December.

Evidence must be uploaded to your account by the 31st December

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