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New Virtual Fitness Platform


MedalMad are delighted to launch in 2021 the new social fitness platform, Virtual Fitness. Virtual Fitness differs in that the aim is to reach a monthly points target do a whole range of activities. These can include a mixture of running, walking, swimming, cycling, squats, lunges, sit ups and more. 

Once you reach your 100 point target you have reached the medal milestone. Your personalised medal is made for you and sent out at the beginning of the following month. This allows you, if you complete your target early, to keep completing events to earn points and then you can have the total distance you have done added to the medal for the month.

The medal is simple as it is more of a record of achievement than a traditional medal. It will not only remind you how far you went that month but what you achieved that month.

The focus is on community support where you can submit our evidence and like, comment on others achievements at the same time. Offering accountability, motivation and support.

The new website has been developed as it is such a different approach to reaching your goals that it needed its own home. Please check it out at and see if this new concept will be the difference between nearly reaching your goal and smashing it.

A Year of Running
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