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MedalMad Champion January 2022

 We are delighted to introduce Donna our first MedalMad champion of 2022.One of Donna's amazing accomplishments was running a mile every day in 2021. Since then Donna has gone on to complete a number of 10KM runs. Donna joined MedalMad in March 2021  with her first virtual challenge being the March Hare 3KM. She has then gone on to c...
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New MedalMad App for the New Year 2022

​MedalMad has gone through so many changes since we began in 2015. In fact we have had three websites and now two apps.Our aim in each was to grow a community that supports each other to reach their running and fitness goals. We all know the medal is important, it is why we have our own designer, in house, working on concepts and so many ...
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The Olympians Virtual Fitness Challenges NEW for 2022

 ​For 2022 we wanted to create a new virtual challenge that would push people to work towards and achieve their fitness goals. We know that this is something that cannot be achieved overnight, or just in one month, and so we wanted this to be an ongoing challenge that would motivate people for the duration of 2022, not just January and Februar...
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Become a Virtual Runner in 2022

 Do you want to make running your new hobby? Running is a great way to improve your health, but it can be difficult if you don't know where to start. One of the best options for beginners that are looking for an achievable goal is virtual runs. Virtual runs or challenges allow participants to run in events without having to physically go anywh...
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Couch to 5K for 2022

Couch to 5k is a running plan which normally takes 9 weeks to complete, with each run lasting between 20-30 minutes. Couch to 5k plans are designed for people who have never ran before, but want to start running. The 9 weeks of a couch to 5KM running plan are split into 3 running sessions, which gradually get longer. Couch to 5KM plans begin with a...
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Why You Should Try Virtual Running in 2022

In 2022, the next Olympics will be held in Paris. This is a fantastic opportunity for runners who can't make it to the event! Virtual running has been around for a while now and is growing more popular each year. In this blog post, we'll cover what virtual running is, why you should try it out in 2022, and how to get started.What is virtual running...
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Remembrance Day Challenges

I received my beautiful Remembrance Day medals with a lovely pin as an additional bonus with a colour picture of the left medal. Unfortunately, I subsequently lost said pin. I hope I find it soon! I was really glad that I was able to participate in these two events.
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Medal Fever

The problem with having the mindset of a collector is you want to collect things all the time and very quickly! I set myself the challenge of 60km to earn the gauntlet medal, as I enjoy comics and movies and this provided me a bit of both. And since I was already running 4km when I visited the gym and needed a drive to go more regularly this s...
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So Excited

So I have been on a fitness kick for the past 4 months I have lost just over a stone in weight and a load  of inches which is really exciting I am shredding for the wedding which is in 6 months time We're having an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding so I clearly had to have the Down The Rabbit Hole medal and the T Shirt Obv...
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It is… inevitable

My wife and kids both started their journey with their medals a month ago, but with work being so busy I wasn’t sure I could commit to a challenge.But the more I thought about it the more I wanted to put that motivation in front of me, give me a reason to keep going down the gym and clocking the Kilometres on the treadmill. And when my son earned h...
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